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The Analytical Presentation

Giving a Presentation

Prepare carefully for the oral presentation. The oral presentation will carry the same weight as a written exam. The presentation will be evaluated on a set criteria consisting of the following items:

Did the presenter use an effective opening statement?

Did the presenter make effective use of transitional elements (BME approach)

Did the presenter use effective volume, tone, enunciation, articulation techniques?

Did the presenter have a good knowledge of the subject matter?

Did the presenter use good eye contact with the audience?

Did the presenter use effective body communication?

Did the presenter have any noticeable verbal tics?

Did the presenter appear nervous? Unprepared?

Did the presenter use an appropriate visual aid?

Did the presenter make effective use of the visual aids presented?

Did the presenter summarize the presentation in a clear, concise manner?

Did the presenter give the presentation during the allowable timeframe?

Did the presenter answer audience questions with conviction and credibility?

Did the presenter use ineffective verbal intonations (mumbling, voice trails, giggling, coughing)?

Did the presenter use an interactive approach with the audience (talking with them, not at them)?

Did the presenter hold the interest of the audience throughout the presentation?

Did the presenter use the notecards, visual aids as a crutch?

Did the presenter attempt to read to the audience, rather than interact with the audience?

Did the presenter present the report in an informative manner, taking into account their audience’s needs and interests?

Did the presenter address the topic in a clear and analytical framework, complete with evidence of strong research and solid conclusions and recommendations?

Each presentation will be timed. Each researcher is responsible for a 5-minute presentation on their research topic. Presenters must use visual aids in their presentations—either transparencies or electronic slides/graphics. It is the responsibility of the presenter to ensure and/or provide the necessary equipment for such presentations a class session prior to their presentation.