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BUS 501: High Performance Management Leadership and Communication

The syllabus is provided to help you in practicing good time management skills during the quarter. This site will contain all the lecture notes covered in the course for the Spring 2000 MBA course, BUS501. Since the course is taught during the Spring Quarter by Dr. Christopher, the notes will be broken down into three separate sections. The notes can be reviewed under the following headings: Leadership, Teamwork, and Communication.

Each class section, Dr. Christopher will rotate the lectures so each area of specialty is covered. As indicated in the course syllabus, each lecture will also include a variety of exercises, simulations, and case studies to discuss, role play, and complete within the assigned groups.

Every week new lecture materials will be added to this site. If you have any questions concerning the materials presented here, please contact Dr. Christopher via email.

Dr. Cohen's Lecture Notes on Leadership

Dr. Christopher's Lecture Notes on Communication

Critique Form for Communication

Presentation Critique Sheet

Critique Form for Leadership

Rotational Leadership Critique Form

Suggestions Arena

As you pursue your MBA, it is important to get your suggestions for ways of improving the course. Your professors are firm believers in establishing a rapport with our customers (the students) and creating a quality service (your education). Each week you will have ample opportunity to voice your suggestions, concerns, and comments. This rapport is important to you as you establish a rapport with your small business owners.