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CIS413--The Automated Office

CIS 413 is a course that explores the changes in the office environment and its impact on the workers. The course will undertake a feasibility study in which newer technologies are analyzed to determine their fit within various corporate/office arenas. The syllabus gives an overview of the weekly assignments as well as the grading criteria for the course.

The course will be taught using a variety of techniques to encourage an interactive learning environment and exchange of ideas and information. Case studies will be submitted for group discussion and presentation each class period.

Week One

Week Two

The Notes for Week One and Week Two present a historical overview of the changes within the office environment since the mid-1950s.

Week Three

Information Resource Management plays an important role in our environment. The question that plagues the office environment as we move into a new millenium is: "What happened to the much-lauded 'paperless environment' everyone talked about with the birth of the PC?

Week Four

Cases--The too-smart employee and the feasibility study.

Week Five

Ergonomics: What is it? What role does it play in today's environment? Why do the essential elements such as office space/layout, lighting, air, office equipment, hardware, and sound impact productivity?

Week Six

Midterm: The exam will be true/false, multiple choice, short answer. Pay close attention to the notes given out in class, the class discussions, and the case studies presented in groups.

Week Seven

Week Eight

Week Nine

Week Ten