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CIS 301 Study Notes for Midterm 1


Know what is meant by strategic information systems

Understand the sociotechnical and behavioral approaches of information systems

Know what is meant by these following terms:

Information system









Knowledge workers

Data workers

Service workers

Senior managers

Middle managers

Operational managers


Virtual organization

Mass customization



information architecture

Organizational structure/IS-IT



Know what is meant by a business process(es)

Know the difference between the technical and behavioral definition of organizations

Know the functions of managers in the classical model

Know the functions/characteristics of managers in the modern behavioral model

Define a structured and unstructured decision

Describe the four organizational choice models: rational, bureaucratic, political, and garbage can

Know how Proctor and Gamble used information systems to create closer ties with customers, reduced inventory, reduced production, and billing cycle time

Define the four stages of decision making by Simon: intelligence, design, choice, implementation

Know what role and impact the Internet has played in the business environment

Know what is meant by the value-chain model

Understand the financial and technical risks to strategic information systems encountered by Greyhound

Know the different kinds of systems and their relationship to one another as well as their integration

Understand the difference between ethical, political, and social issues

Know the definition of ethics

Understand the difference between accountability and responsibility and liability

Know the difference between computer crime and computer abuse

What is: the Utilitarian Principle, No free lunch rule, FIP, Risk aversion principle?

What is meant by the following acronyms: RSI, CTS, CVS?

What is a trade secret? What is shareware?

What is a cookie? What is privacy?

What is the Golden Rule and how does it apply in business?

Know the different regimes of the protection of intellectual property rights: trade secrets, copyright, patents.

What is technostress?