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Instructor:                     Dr. Doris Christopher

Location:                      ST601

Office hours:                 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. Mondays, Thursdays

Voicemail:                    323-343-2983 (office), 323-343-2927 (voicemail)


Fax:                              323-343-5209



COURSE MATERIALS:  The course will be taught as an interactive course.  Each week various topics will be presented, discussed, and analyzed.  Various cases, exercises, problems/issues/trends will be researched and presented.  The materials will be provided on a weekly basis and posted to the web.  Class discussion and  participation in current issues will be mandatory.


CATALOG DESCRIPTION:   Management functions as applied to the traditional and automated office environment along with evaluation, control, and adjustment of the office environment and office information systems.


COURSE APPROACH:    Students will become aware of both technical and human factors in the automated office.  The course will address and explore issues and concepts which apply to students in various curriculums, such as management information systems, office administration, management, and education as well as others.


COURSE OBJECTIVES:  Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:


1.                  Expound on his/her understanding of how office systems contribute to organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

2.                  State the importance of focusing on customer service in  a structured environment.

3.                  Explain the concepts of office systems and technologies and the rapid changes occurring in the environment.

4.                  Exhibit skills in analysis and decision-making concerning the development, implementation, and management of office systems.

5.                  Express an awareness of socio-technical trends and their potential impact upon organizations.

6.                  Display skill in the research and communication of topics in office systems.

7.                  Develop an affinity for career paths in automated office systems.

8.                  Develop a feasibility study which explains the impact on an office when new, state-of-the art technologies are proposed.

9.                  Present team projects--submitted both in oral and written formats on various research topics.

Evaluation and Grading Procedures:


            Presentations/papers:                                       20%

            Midterm:                                                         20%

            Final:                                                                20%

            Feasibility study:                                               20%

            Quizzes, in-class assignments:                  20%


*There will not be any makeup for missed in-class assignments/quizzes.  Papers and presentations must be submitted by the stated due dates.  Any papers submitted late will be docked a letter grade for each class.


            The grading scale is as follows:


                        A= 90 – 100%

                        B= 80 – 89%

                        C= 70 – 79%

                        D= 60 – 69%

                        F= -60%


The exams will consist of  objective and essay  questions/statements.  The quizzes will follow the same format as the midterm and final exam. 


Short research papers are one-page papers (double-spaced) which address the topics covered in the course.  The research papers must be accompanied by the article when submitted for a grade.  Research papers will be due during the following weeks: 


Week 3, 5, 7, 9.


The feasibility study is due the 10th week of class.  This project is a team project and will consist of:  an oral presentation and a written report.  

Week One Assignment



Assignment:      Research the following questions for next week’s class discussion.


a.                   What is meant by the term “office systems”?

b.                  What is a system?

c.                   Are the terms “office systems” and “office administration” synonymous?

d.                  What is meant by the term  “office automation”? 

e.                   What do you believe is the most crucial problem facing organizations today regarding manpower?

f.                    What is the key characteristic of a traditional office environment?  An automated office environment?




 Familiarize yourself with trade magazines and journals such as:


                                    Network World

                                    Harvard Business Review



                                    Internet World

                                    Journal of Systems Management

                                    Software Magazine

                                    Journal of Management Information Systems

                                    Information Week



*Please come prepared each week to discuss the Questions of the Week.