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Report Project


The long-term project is a 20-30 page analytical report. The analytical report requires extensive research, both primary and secondary. Since the report is due at the end of the eighth week, it is crucial to begin work immediately on the production process. Begin the report process by producing a work plan. Select one of the topics mentioned below to research. Selecting a topic is a mandatory step in conducting a preliminary research. The work plan will give you a guideline for the completion of the finished project. During the weeks ahead, the instructor will ask for the following assignments: a survey, a rough draft, a progress report, an oral presentation, and the completed report.



Overview of the Process

The report writing process usually takes at least seven weeks. The following suggested work plan (along with the calendar of events attached to your syllabus) may be helpful in the weeks ahead:

Week 1: Pick from the list of suggested topics, read Chapter 14, begin to think about the evaluation procedures to use in the research process (primary and secondary research). Begin the research process.

Week 2: Write out a work plan, develop a survey—sample questionnaire, prepare rough draft of questionnaire. Compile valid and reliable research information.

Week 3: Share rough draft of questionnaire with classmates, revise questionnaire. Conduct research using a variety of sources: magazines, books, newspapers, databases, journals, interviews, survey/questionnaire.

Week 4: Read Chapters 15 and 17 throughly. Develop progress report. Answer the following questions: What have you done so far? What are you doing? What needs to be done? *At this stage, you should have the proposal and tentative bibliography with ample sources (reliable, credible, and valid) completed.

Week 5: Complete rough draft of report, analyze progress report and prepare final copy of progress report.


Week 6: Discussion and preparation of visual aids (Chapter 16), Read thoroughly Chapters 17 and 18 and Chapter B; also Chapter 20. Write a rough draft of final report chapters. Prepare the preliminary portion of the report.

Week 7: Prepare the final copy of the report. Read and proofread the report carefully. Revise the report so each section of the report "flows" from one section to the next. Divide the report into Chapters: Chapter 1 (Proposal elements and Introduction, Background/history, and report overview. Chapter 2: Research findings. Document this section carefully. Use a variety of sources. Cite the information in this section based upon the research conducted. Cited sources provide a clear, solid evidence of report reliability and validity.

Week 8: Submit the final written report and prepare the final oral report. Remember late reports will be docked a letter grade for each class session.