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Research Topics:

Starting from the bottom: Do these positions lead to Corporate CEO?

Employee theft: How widespread is the problem in industry?

Is the workforce becoming more aggressive in today's environment?

Constructing a global economy: How effectively is business managing the global corporation?

Employee empowerment: Has middle management suffered major elimination as companies search for a broader management span of control?

Accounting Procedures and Principles: Will a shakeout in the accounting industry lead to more government intervention?

Operating Systems: What management, organization, and technology factors need to be addressed when selecting an operating system for major business applications?

Monitoring Employees on the Internet/Networks: Unethical or good business?

Work at home solicitations: How ethical are these enterprises?

Credit reporting: How accurate is the reporting of credit information by agencies such as TRW?

0% interest rates: Who really benefits from these low rates?

Israel and terrorist activities/threats: Have they been treated fairly by the UN?

Travel industry: Is America recovering from the fear of Sept. 11?

Job Benefits: Are American workers faring as well as their European workers in terms of benefits, vacation time, accrued leave time?