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Study Assignment for Week 7

*This assignment must be in by Friday, November 13, 1998, at 11:59 p.m. Send to my email address:


A Roster of Wrongdoing: There have been crimes committed by large major, successful companies from 1970 to 1990. Can you find the charges each of the companies mentioned below committed? List the charges brought against each company.


Allied Chemical

American Airlines

American Can


Associated Milk Products

Beatrice Foods

Bethlehem Steel

Braniff International

Chemical New York

Diamond International

Equity Funding


Franklin New York

General Dynamics

Hammermill Paper

F. & M. Shaefer

Trans World Corp.


  1. How serious do you consider these charges to be?
  2. What changes, if any, should have been undertaken in the way business was conducted among these companies?
  3. Has the awareness of business ethics and the promotion of a corporate code of ethics led to less unethical business dealings?
  4. What role does IS/IT play in promoting an ethical business environment?
  5. Bonus question: In what sneaky way did the Chicago mail-order firm of J.C. Whitney & Co. try to con a dollar out of unwary customers of its auto parts catalog in 1987? What ways would customers be more astute to such a violation in a web-based environment/on-line ordering process?