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Study Notes for CIS 301 Midterm 2


Be able to identify and label the following: CPU, hard disk, floppy disk, SCSSI cable, RAM, CD-ROM drive, floppy disk drive, parallel port, serial port, motherboard, power supply, monitor, keyboard, mouse, various ports: sound, video, network card (NIC).


Know the various types of computers

Know the computer generations

Be able to list various input devices, output devices, I/O devices

What is an operating system?

What is an OCR?

What is hardcopy? Softcopy? Output?

What is primary storage? Secondary storage? Software?

What is speech recognition? How does it differ from voice recognition?

What is a virus? Which two viruses have caused recent havoc in the computer industry (Melissa and Chernobyl)

What is a robot? Remember who Hueroid is (hint: mentioned in class)?

What is parallel processing?

What is a supercomputer?

What is meant by WYSIWYG?


Know the following:

What is a backup? What is RAID? What is RISC?

What is meant by the term biometric?

What is a bit? Byte?

What is meant by the term, domain name?

What is e-commerce?

What is a smart card?

What is an intelligent house?

What is a Qwerty keyboard? A dvorack keyboard?

What is security? What is a nanny buster?

What is GUI?

What is a hard disk? What is hardware?

What is a CD-ROM? CPU?

What is centralized computing?

What is a computer? Computer-aided (CAD) design?

What is CAM (Computer aided manufacturing)? How has this impacted industries such as Levi Strauss?

What is a cookie?

What is a cycle?

What is an instruction?

What is cache?

What is a bus?

What is a flop?

What is a picosecond? Nanosecond?

What is a teraflop?

What is memory?

What is meant by refresh rate?

What is the difference between a CD-ROM and a DVD?

What is a workstation? A dumb terminal?


Review your notes and read the chapters assigned for this midterm.

The test will consist of true/false, multiple choice, matching, listing, fill-in.