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Study Notes for Midterm 2


What is multiprocessing?

What is virtual storage?

What is meant by graphical user interface

What is an operating system?

What is source code?

What is Microsoft Windows, Microsoft ME, Mac OS, Linux?

What is Java, C, C++, Pascal, COBOL, Fortran, Visual Basic?

What is meant by the term "robust language"?

What is multitasking, multiprocessing?

What is data mining, data warehousing?

What is meant by open source code?

What is groupware?

What is a web browser, software, hardware?

What is object-oriented programming?

What is sniffing, hacking, security breach?

What is middleware?

What is Java?

What are the four generations of programming languages?

What is object-oriented programming?

What is a file, field, record, entity, attribute, bit, byte, primary key?

What is a database?

What is data redundancy?

What is a traditional file, relational file in database terms?

What is a legacy system?

What is America Online?

What is downtime?

Which act widened deregulation by freeing telephone companies to enter other markets?

What is the Internet?

What are the common technologies for wireless data transmission?

What is data conferencing, fax, videoconferencing, computer conferencing, telecommuting?

What is telecommunications?

What is meant by information technology infrastructure?

What is meant by Immanuel Kantís Categorical Imperative?

What is the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act?

What is a cookie?

What is ethics?

What is cyberstress?

What are some types of occupational diseases?

What is repetitive stress injury?

What is the Golden Rule, Descartes rule of change, Utilitarian Principle, Risk Aversion Principle?

Which amendment is the claim to privacy protected by?

What is a copyright, patent, statute, trade secret, rights of ownership contract?

What is hacking, computer crime, computer abuse, computer piracy?

What is spoofing?

What is meant by the terms, liability, accountability, responsibility?

What is FIP?