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Text Insert for CIS414-Lecture2



Jim Cameron, Back to Titanic:

"Music was such an integral part of the dramatic and emotional impact of Titanic, and yet so much of the music created by James Horner and others couldn't be included in the first album that I felt compelled to encourage James to create a second album. And here it is!

Let the music take you back to that moment in history, that more innocent and optimistic time before the 20th Century declared the mad juggernaut it became in later decades. "Alexandar's Ragtime Band" was played on the deck by Wallace Hartley's small orchestra and lifted spirits as the ship settled, lights blazing, into black oblivion. And "Come Josephine, In My Flying Machine," which Jack briefly sings for Rose, was a top hit song the year before the sinking. It is of course my favorite, since my daughter's name is Josephine.

We hope you will enjoy this continuation of Titanic's musical odyssey as much as the first. Bon Voyage."