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Web Quest 3


This final WEB Quest is a 2-week long project and will not be due unitl Wednesday June 2 at 11:59 p.m. (emailed). I held off the database portion of the class to determine how to best present the information in a timely, efficient, and effective manner. In a mega section, it is time-consuming and sometimes futile to relay database management principles and practices without the use of a lab.

Therefore, I have decided to test the effective of using the method of a web quest design to measure the effectiveness of measuring your assigned reading on databases and the hands-on practice of using the Internet to reinforce the learning process.

The following sites will send you on a quest for knowledge and upon completion of exploring these sites you will be asked a series of questions to be posted by the end of the week on this site. The first series of questions is posted below. The question series format will be divided into two distinct parts. The first series of questions presented to you addresses the web quest process and its usefulness in the learning process.

Here are the sites to explore:

As you explore these sites, prepare your first responses to the following:

  1. How effective are these sites in delivering a base of knowledge?
  2. Which sites were most helpful in clarifying your reading assignments?
  3. Which sites would you find useful for expanding your present/future applications in the workplace?
  4. Did you find the web quest method more or less effective than listening to a class lecture?
  5. Would you recommend this type of assignment for future use in CIS 301 to teach the database concepts where a lab is not feasible to use for a mega section course?
  6. Did you find these sites useful for other business courses?
  7. What are the major advantages of each site? The disadvantages?
  8. Did one site stand out as being superior to the other sites? If so, which one?
  9. If you were to rate the process of using a web quest approach in CIS 301, would you: eliminate them entirely and increase class seating time, modify the web quests by turning in a hard copy, give more web quest activities and further reduce class seating time.