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Web Quest 2

CIS 301


Marketing Databases and You as a Client/Customer


We have discussed in class the considerable fear that people have about marketing databases and how they can be used to invade a person's privacy. So, your next web assignment is to answer some important questions about the use of cyberspace databases. This assignment will be due on Monday, May 17, 1999 by 11:59 p.m. The assignment must be emailed to either my or accounts.


Question 1.

What important issue areas do you feel should be addressed by the government to ensure that the privacy of individuals isn't invaded by micromarketers? For instance, one critical issue area concerns access; that is, who will have access to the marketing data and under what circumstances will access be granted?

Question 2.

If you were to write laws that governed the creation and use of marketing databases, what would they allow or prohibit?

Question 3.

Privacy issues regarding computers are regularly reported in the press. For this section, find an example of a privacy issue covered in a journal or newspaper or online source and give a small summary report of the example. Be sure to document your source. What was the alleged privacy violation? Whose privacy was being compromised?