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to CIS 454-- Web Page Design

Syllabus for CIS 454

The syllabus provided here is a micro-view of the course discussed in the first class session. The CIS 454 Syllabus is a brief roadmap of the overall site.

What is CIS454?

This quarter you will be learning how to use HTML to build web pages for personal and business use. You will have two major projects to complete during the quarter. These projects will give you the basic skills needed to undertake further study in the design and development of Web page design.

You will also learn how to use voice recognition and explore its use for the office environment. In addition to voice recognition technology, you will explore the uses of videoconferencing and the impact it will have on the office environment.

What will we be doing in this class?

This quarter you will be given numerous hands-on quizz assignments to complete during class time. All quizzes are given during the assigned class session time and cannot be be made up at a later time.

Each class session will be divided into three sections: lecture, hands-on application, quiz, and individual/group activities. You cannot receive credit for an assignment unless you attend class and participate in the activities.

Will there be in-class assignments, homework, projects?

Week One	Intro to HTML		Complete Basic HTML Shell

Lecture 1 Notes--Building the Basics in Web Page Design begins here
    This week's lesson will consist of:
  1. in-class activities and
  2. quizzes based on the sample(s) given for Week One.

Week Two	More HTML		Expand Basic Project

Lecture 2 Notes and Paragraph Text Insert
More on Lecture 2--Color

Week Three	Images and Links	Expand Basic Project

Lecture 3 Notes

More on the Titanic Saga

Week Four	Tables			Expand Basic Project

Lecture 4 Notes, Part One
Lecture 4 Notes, Part Two

Week Five	Work on Mid-term Project

The lecture for frames and forms will be updated and posted before the final exam. This section will be reviewed before the final examination.

Week Six	Publish Personal Page	Work on Mid-term Project

Week Seven	Voice and Video Apps	Complete voice/video apps

Let's begin to work on the video and voice apps for this week. See this video clip. Another way of viewing things!

Week Eight	Work on Final Project	Interview business profiles
Week Nine	Work on Final Project	Turn in draft of final project
Week Ten	Demonstrate Projects	Prepare for final Exam
Final Exam	Prepare for hands-on	Timed final project

How will I be graded in this course?

The course evaluation is as follows:

  • Quizzes/Midterm Exam/FinalExam	35%
  • Class Assignments:Individual & Group 25%
  • Midterm/Final Project 40%

How can I reach you if I need help?

This class is intended to be very interactive so please feel free to email me at the following addresses: or you may reach me at

For additional reading materials, a list of reference books
can be viewed at the Barnes & Noble site