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CIS 454óWeb Page Design


Dr. Doris A. Christopher

Office: ST601

Office hours:

M, W 2-4 p.m.




323-343-2983(CIS office)



email: (*)



Course: CIS 454 is designed to explore the latest office technologies and their use in the office environment to ensure the productivity and distribution of information to internal and external environments. Technology is looked at in this course as a tool to improve the channeling of information in a timely and relevant manner to clients, customers, and employees/employers in the business environment.

The course is divided into three essential sections: HTML and Web Page Design, Voice Recognition, and Video Applications. A large majority of the time will be spent on developing various projects for the Web. An exploration of Web publishing strategies will be explored, discussed, and applied.


Textbook: Gottlebar, Timothy, et. al. More Excellent HTML, 1st edition. Publisher: Irwin McGraw-Hill, Inc.

Course URL:

Each week new information will be added to the course URL for you to access. All handouts will be published on the course URL site for your access.

Some sites to begin exploring:








Here are some sites to get ideas as you begin to create your own Web pages:

As you begin to explore various sites such as the ones listed above, think about the following questions: What makes this a good site, a poor site? How does the color impact you? The graphics? The time to retrieve the information on this site? The ease of surfing the various links on the site?


Projects and application assignments are crucial to your success in the course. Outside preparation time is required for the completion of the major projects. The assigned in-class assignments will cover two basic areas: individual timed quizzes and group activities. Student participation is mandatory for all assigned projects.

Refer to the course URL site to obtain further information on course evaluation, course requirements, and weekly posted assignments.

This course is an interactive course and student input and participation is an essential ingredient to all participants.