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Oral Presentation

Getting ready to speak


  1. Did your talk have a clear purpose?
  2. Did you adapt your message to your audienceís needs and knowledge?
  3. Organizing the Introduction

  4. Did you get the audience involved?
  5. Did you establish credibility?
  6. Did you preview your main points?
  7. Organizing the Body

  8. Did you develop two to four main points (streamlining your topic)?
  9. Did you arrange your points logically (sequencing chronologically, most to least important, comparison and contrast, other strategy)?
  10. Did you prepare transitions (bridge statements such as first, second, then, however, consequently, so forth).
  11. Did you have extra material ready?
  12. Organizing the Conclusion

  13. Did you review your main points?
  14. Did you provide a final focus?
  15. Designing Visual Aids

  16. Did you select your medium carefully?
  17. Did you highlight main ideas?
  18. Did you use aids skillfully?
  19. Developing Presentations/Electronic Presentations

  20. Did you learn use bulleted points for major headings?
  21. Did you make speakerís notes, narratives?
  22. Did you maintain control?
  23. Did you learn to use the software program?
  24. Did you select a pleasing color palette.