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Instructor: Dr. Doris Christopher

Office Hours: 10:40 a.m.- 12:40 p.m. M/W

Office location: ST604 Voicemail: 323-343-2983, x2916





Management Information Systems is a course specifically developed to gain an understanding of the development and integration of information systems in the business environment.

All of the notes presented in class will be posted weekly to the web site listed above. The course notes will be continuously upgraded on a weekly basis for your personal use.

The textbook used for the quarter is: Laudon & Laudon, Essentials of Management Information Systems, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1999.

Requirements and Evaluation:

The class will engage in weekly learning activities and quizzes during the course of each class session. Many of these activities are deemed as in-class activities and no makeup is permissible on missed in-class assignments. Only those assignments that are assigned for later (outside class assignments) completion are accepted. All assignments must be submitted by the due date to earn the possible maximum points allowable. All late assignments will be docked a letter grade for each class session.


Examinations (2 midterms) 20%

4 Written cases/papers 20%

Project Paper 20%

Final Examination 20%

In-class assignments/quizzes 20%



Weekly Assignment Schedule:

Week One: Chapter 1

Week Two: Chapters 2 & 3, Paper 1 due

Week Three: Chapter 4

Lecture 3 Notes
Study Notes for Midterm 1

Week Four: Midterm 1, Chapters 1-4. Case 1 due

Week Five: Chapters 5 & 6

Week Six: Chapters 7 & 8

See WebQuest One Web Quest One

Week Seven: Midterm 2, Chapters 5-8, Paper 2 due

Week Eight: Chapter 9 & 10

Week Nine: Chapters 11, 12, & 13. Case 2 due

Week Ten: Chapters 14 & 15, Final Project due

Week Eleven: Final Examination

Assignment Guidelines:

Case Studies: Students may work in teams on the Case projects. Each case should be 3-5 typewritten pages, double-spaced. Each case should have a cover page which consists of: students' names, case title, date.

Paper Assignments for Week 2 & Week 7: This assignment is to be done by each student individually. There are terminology keys given at the end of each chapter. These key terms are to be used as a guide in selecting a topic for each paper. Each paper should be typewritten and be 2-3 pages in length, double-spaced. Each paper should include a cover page and a bibliography page. Students should use a minimum of 3 sources per page of text. Do not include the textbook as one of the sources used. All references cited should be current (within the last 2 years).

Each paper should include a variety of sources: magazines, newspapers, academic & business journals. The references can be obtained from on-line searches of various search engines and on-line databases such as ABI.

Final Project: Students have the option of doing either a systems analysis or a term paper for their final project. If you are working in an environment in which you can perform a systems analysis on some aspect of the information system, then you may have the option of submitting this project as your final project in place of writing a project paper. The length of either the systems analysis or final project paper should be 10 pages in length, include a current list of references (minimum 15 sources).

Tools for Interactive Learning:

During the quarter you will be given various sources to do further searches on the topics covered in the class sessions. You are encouraged to take advantage of the material found on the Laudon/Laudon Web site: These materials are an excellent additional study tool for the examinations.

Also, during the quarter you will be asked to find Web Quest Assignments posted on the CIS 301 web page developed for this course. The Web Quest assignments will require you to respond to these items by a dated action timecertain via email. These activities are given to ensure that we are using various information sources to enhance the learning process.

A few sources to begin Chapter 1: