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Welcome to CIS 301

The course syllabus is your roadmap for the course. All the essential information pertaining to the course is listed in the syllabus.

WARNING: As you may have already noticed, this class is what we refer to as a "mega" section. However, I am a strong believer in class interaction. Communication is essential to both of us. During each class session, I will stop the lecture mode and ask you to take an active role in the class by either doing an in-class activity or completing a short quiz assignment.

Each week a new set of lecture notes will be available on this web site for your viewing/downloading prior to class.

Week One Notes

Information Systems Revolution: A Frontier of Constant Change

Data, Information, and MIS
  • Strategic Information Systems
  • Competitive & Strategic Uses of Information Systems
  • Information Systems vs. Computer Systems
  • Sociotechnical Approach vs. Technical and Behavioral Approaches

Week Two Notes

Information Systems: Role, Organization, and Management

  • Relationships of Systems to One Another: Integration
  • Knowledge Workers and Their Role in Information Systems
  • Decision Support Systems: Managers and Decision Making
    Lecture Notes for Week Two

Week Three Notes

Ethical and Social Impact of Information Systems

  • Ethical Issues

Week Four Notes

Computers and IS: Past, Present, and Future

Midterm Examination
Chapters 1-4
Lecture 3: Outsourcing

Week Five Notes

Ethical Issues: Continued

Ethics in the Technical Organization
  • Please refer to Chapter 14 in your textbook for your chapter reading on ethics

  • Computer Basics and Components

    • >An inside and outside look

    Your first webquest will be assigned in class tonight. You will have a dated time action to complete this assignment and email it back to me. Watch this site for more information about your webquest.
    Web Quest One Study Notes: Notice the dated timeline to respond by email.
    WebQuest One is due Friday, November 17 by 11:59 p.m.

    Database Systems, Telecommunications, and E-commerce

    Week Six & Seven Notes

    Redesigning, Restructuring, and Reoganizing the Environment

    Web Quest Exercise
    Your second web quest will be due on Monday, (date) by 11:59 p.m. This quest must be emailed.
    Reread the chapters pertaining to databases and database management. Next week we will discuss database development in more detail.
    • Report Project
    • Final Project Notes
      Notes on Building a Project
      Note: Due to circumstances beyond my control, there will be no class on Wednesday, November 22. As you were informed in class on Monday, November 20, 2000, the report has been extended for another week. Therefore, the report will not be due until November 29, 2000.

      Week Eight Notes

      Security and Control

      Week Eight Issues
      • Part One--Security in Industry
          Video Quiz One
      • Part Two--EIS and Senior Executives
          Video Quiz Two
      • Part Three--Final Web Quest on SQL, Database, and Web-based commercial sites
          Web Quest Three

      Week Nine and Ten Notes

      Globalization and Other Technological Issues and Opportunities

        Study Notes
      1. Final Exam Study Notes
      2. Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence, IT Trends
      3. >Expert Systems and AI
      4. More on Knowledge and Changes in Technology